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How to wear 3D Mink lashes?
How to wear3D Mink lashes? Come to get 3D Mink lashescorrect pasting method!Still worry about how to wear3D Mink lashes? ... ...

This is an ancient method, although slow, but it does

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Posted on: 04/08/18

Add that: In fact, cod liver oil, olive oil, capsules are available, the use of Victoria E's MM said the direct effect of E coated Mink Eyelashes may have side effects, is the president of the fat particles, but also vary. As long as painted carefully, do not get into the eyes, around the eyes have to wipe off, much better ~ ~

Beautiful eyes, that is what every girl or woman yearns for her entire life. And one of the most important aspects of brightening the eye is the lashes long, dark and thick. (buy mink eyelashes to show your charming character )Yes, thats what every woman wants. Lashes could bowl over men and make other women fume with jealousy! But perfection is not something that anyone is endowed with. And hence, it happens more than often that we are not blessed with those long and thick lashes that we have ever dreamt of. To make things easier for women, cosmetic manufacturers have come up with an excellent option,eyelash extensions that help us get the exact look that we desire. 

1, castor oil or olive oil

Night, rubbed with castor oil or olive oil, can promote Mink Eyelashes growth, dense. This is an ancient method, although slow, but it does. In addition, add small pieces of lemon peel pieces, daily rubbed, make lashes more beautiful.

2, liquid protein

Liquid protein is a supplementary food, applied every evening, can enhance the strength and length of Mink Eyelashes.They are extremely lightweight and thus ideal for those who are looking for more comfortable options to enhance their beauty.

3, Vaseline

Vaseline rubbed every night and morning,mink and silk are the two most commonly preferred materials when it comes to lash extensions. They are safe to use, comfortable for the eyes and also do not require animal slaughter. Though both may appear to be same to a layman,help prevent or correct broken Mink Eyelashes.


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