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How to wear 3D Mink lashes?
How to wear3D Mink lashes? Come to get 3D Mink lashescorrect pasting method!Still worry about how to wear3D Mink lashes? ... ...

the very reason why original mink lashes are famous

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Posted on: 04/08/18

Cut a vitamin D capsules per night, pat on the eyelids and Mink Eyelashes, once every 3 months, can produce significant results.

These eyelash extensions require very less maintenance and can be worn without worry for quite long.

The curls in these lashes do not wear out easily, and the wearer neednt add mascara or curl them. Mink lashes are actually considered to be permanent.

Though synthetic, faux mink lashes possess that silky, soft and fine texture, the very reason why original mink lashes are famous.

However, unlike the original mink lashes, faux mink does nott lose its curl if you wet it by mistake.

They are quite shiny, much more than the silk lashes, giving your eyes a glossy feel.

Carefully Mink Eyelashes a month, next month there may be a big surprise waiting for you Oh!

Use cod liver oil to grow Mink Eyelashes and eyebrows


Vitamin E method is only temporary, our human body naturally eyelashes will fall off, you also need to spend time after falling out of growth, if you want to immediately effective, we recommend that you buy this site , where the quality of eyelashes is the best, wear After you change back on the more beautiful, where the use of a large number of lashes will not be deformed


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