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firmly attached Mink Eyelashes to the root of the Mink Eyelashes

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Posted on: 04/08/18

 In the application of Mink Eyelahes,if there were no Mink Eyelashes,As you can imagine,It is really a big regret for ladies.There are only a few people have perfect Mink Eyelashes for easterners,But with the right approach,worry about the glue dry so after squeezing out, immediately touch.

 We suggest that the lash root be covered with glue for 5 seconds and wait for the lash root when the glue is half dry. The time is just dry, firmly attached Mink Eyelashes to the root of the Mink Eyelashes.

Often concerned about the love beauty MM questions on the false eyelashes posts, many users recently consulted false eyelash cleaning and maintenance issues, for example: affixed false eyelashes, makeup remover, the false eyelashes also left a lot of glue, to be a little bit of use Tear off hands, but also time-consuming get dirty, how to do cleaning and maintenance, there should be any quick way and so on. In view of this phenomenon, the editor specially compiled the answer to this article, hoping to help you! 

 If the glue is very wet, it is put on the root of the eyelash. There is no effective glue that can not play a reinforcing role, and the tweezers loose ,only the upper Mink Eyelahes should be applied to the root of the Mink Eyelahes, eyebrow brush makeup on weekdays in this method does not apply.


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