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How to wear 3D Mink lashes?
How to wear 3D Mink lashes? Come to get 3D Mink lashes correct pasting method! Still worry about how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? ... ...

Also, I use Nivea eye lotion

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Posted on: 04/08/18

Also, I use Nivea eye lotion, not too expensive!

I hope my advice can really help you. . . Because I personally also like to have long Mink Eyelahes! ! ! really beautiful!

Recently found a way to make Mink Eyelahes longer, to move up and share with you.

After their own eyelashes are fixed, pick up the prepared 3D Mink lashes, roots up, and then use another hand squeeze the glue on the 3D Mink lashes, should pay attention when crowded squeeze extrusion not too much one-time Or it will flow the eyelash glue onto the eyelashes. When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle so that the eye and eye end parts will have more glue because the two parts are easier to fall off . Better grasp of the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, painted a short, squeeze a little glue, painted a short, so until all painted, the direction is just said from the middle to both sides.

If you feel your Mink Eyelahes enough long enough beautiful, then ignore the pull.

Material: VE and olive oil

First go buy a box of VE, exactly: Vitamin E capsules. The size of the capsule and the head so big, hee hee. VE capsules are similar in composition, but must go to the pharmacy to buy Oh! Estimated parity pharmacy 2 yuan to buy it.

Olive oil: Do not eat the kind of oh.


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